Brantford, Ontario’s Choice for Salt and Rust Resistance

From Chatham Ontario, Onbelay Automotive proudly provides salt and rust resistant finishes to Brantford, Ontario and the surrounding areas. The custom services we deliver include automotive assembly, powder coating and e-coating, sub assembly, and product packaging. We demonstrate our commitment to our clients with IATF 16949 certification, and ensure utmost professionalism in providing quality, long-lasting paint finishes to all our customers salt and rust resistance needs, for clients that include Ford, Chrysler, Honda and General Motors.

End use determines coating selection

When establishing the most suitable finish for Brantford, Ontario manufactured parts, the end use of the product is often the primary factor. Salt and rust resistance is the feature that could have the greatest impact on the usable life of the part but there are additional application considerations that influence coating selection. These include the volume of parts to be finished, the use of parts in further assemblies, and if there are any appearance standards to be met.

Know about e-coat to make your coating choice – Brantford, Ontario

The advantage offered by e-coating is the ability to conform to multifaceted parts and provide salt and rust resistance inside deep recesses and interior surfaces. It’s often chosen for its ability be applied on large volumes of product in a very thin, seamless film coating. E-coating can provide rust and salt resistance by itself, or as a primer coat for powder.

Sometimes the best finish for Brantford, Ontario is powder coat

Identified for its thicker, uniform, unblemished finish, powder coating has no runs, drips or sags. It’s often chosen for functions where more strength and chemical resistance is required, for its considerable resistance to salt and rust, and greater durability.

Both e-coating and powder coating offer attractive appearance, uniformity, and advanced corrosion protection. In addition, they are similarly environmentally friendly and solvent free, without emitting VOCs into the environment.

Each unique application will establish potential pros and cons for each available coating. We are the professionals at Onbelay Automotive who can help you determine the most suitable coating to provide salt and rust resistance for your Brantford area manufactured parts.

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