Cathodic electro-coat applies a negative electrical charge to metal parts, which attracts positively charged paint particles. Cathodic coatings are high performance coatings with excellent corrosion resistance that can be formulated for exterior durability.

Ecoat or electro-deposition is an advantage for corrosion protection of auto parts or other steel, Aluminium and casting parts. It provides a protection against corrosion in hard to reach hidden areas. It is very efficient and uniform. Cost effective when compared to other process.

A standard Ecoat Process starts with Load, Cleaner, water rinse, Rinse Conditioner, phosphate, water rinse, Non-Chrome Sealer, deionized water, Ecoat Dip tank, Permeate rinse 1, Permeate Rinse 2, water Rinse 3, Bake Oven to cure the Ecoat then Unload and pack.

Ecoat performs well on a variety of metal substrates, very durable and good corrosion and salt spray resistance material.

Epoxy Ecoat applied meets most of the automotive parts specifications.