Coatings for Salt and Rust Resistance for London, Ontario

Coatings for Salt and Rust Resistance for London, Ontario

We are located in Chatham Ontario and specialize in providing finishes for salt and rust resistance to the London, Ontario district and surrounding areas. Onbelay Automotive services include automotive assembly, e-coating and powder coating, sub assembly, and product packaging. We are IATF 16949 certified operation, dedicated to meeting our customers salt and rust resistance requirements, supplying OEM clients such as Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and Honda with long-lasting, quality paint finishes.

Considerations for salt and rust resistance

The conditions a part will see through its usable life are carefully considered to determine the optimum coating for London, Ontario manufactured parts. Resistance to salt and rust are often the most stringent finish requirements but other factors may also impact coating selection. The volume of parts to be finished, the use of parts in further assemblies, and appearance standards, if any, all influence the coating decision.

Why e-coat could be London, Ontario’s choice

There are two main features of e-coating that may determine its use for salt and rust resistance. First, is the ability to reach inside deep recesses and inside surfaces, and to conform to multifaceted parts. Second, e-coating can be applied in a very thin, continuous film coating on large volumes of product. It can be a corrosion resistant coating by itself, or as a primer coat for powder.

Uses of powder coat for London, Ontario and region

Powder coating has very positive appearance characteristics. It is known for its thicker, clean finish without runs, drips or sags. It is often chosen for applications that require higher levels of  salt and rust resistance, durability, and chemical resistance.

Electrocoating and powder coating offer similar benefits in the form of beautiful appearance, uniformity, and exceptional corrosion protection, while being eco-friendly and solvent free, without emitting VOCs into the environment.

At Onbelay Automotive we are the finish specialists who can consider advantages and disadvantages of each finish for your unique application. We provide the help you need to determine the salt and rust resistant coating that is optimal for your London components.

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