Detroit, USA’s Choice for Salt and Rust Resistance

From our location in Chatham Ontario, Onbelay Automotive specialises in providing finishes for salt and rust resistance to the Detroit, USA district and surrounding areas. Our custom services range from e-coating and powder coating, to automotive assembly and product packaging. Proud of our IATF 16949 certification, we use its guidelines to ensure the highest level of expertise in all that we do, including supplying quality, long-lasting paint finishes to meet our customers salt and rust resistant requirements for OEM clients such as Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and Honda.

Salt and rust resistance considerations

Detroit, USA manufactured parts have many performance and application functions that influence the selection of finishing method that will produce optimum results. The usable life of the part is most impacted by the salt and rust resistance. Other factors are also considered including how many pieces will need finishing, whether the component will be part of further assembly, and if there are any cosmetic appearance standards for the product.

Uses of e-coating for Detroit, USA

E-coating is a frequent choice for complex parts for its ability to provide salt and rust resistance inside deep recesses and inside surfaces, and its ability to conform to multifaceted parts. Used as a corrosion resistant coating by itself, e-coating can also be used as a primer coat for powder. Its major advantage over other methods is that it can be applied in a very thin, continuous film coating on large volumes of parts.

Powder coat properties for Detroit, USA and vicinity

Generally known to be thicker with a consistent, clean finish with no runs, drips or sags, powder coating epoxies also have great resistance to salt and rust, are very durable and can be better for some applications where more strength and chemical resistance is required.

Properties common to both electrocoating and powder coating are the ability to deliver beautiful appearance, uniformity, and exceptional corrosion protection. Neither emit harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the environment. Both are solvent free, and environmentally friendly.

Each application will dictate potential advantages and disadvantages for each finish option. We are the experts at Onbelay Automotive who can help you assess the optimal coating for salt and rust resistance for your Detroit, USA manufactured product.

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